Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2024

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2024

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2024

By seeing the title and thumbnail of the video, you’ve guessed what I am going to talk about today

Those who have been requesting me for so long, please brother..

My password is taken by someone else with the barcode of the phone, show me how to stop it.

and give a realistic solution to prevent hacking into my WiFi router.

I am making a request to you, I am making a video now, but if you skip it, you won’t understand.

and later you will ask me those same things through comments. So watch the whole video without skipping it.

In today’s article I will show you how you can do this Stop Wifi Hacking thing successfully.

There are basically two solutions to this problem–1)Access Control, 2)MAC Filtering

I will show these two settings through separate videos. Because if given together many people can mess up.

so I am making two separate episodes.

Most routers have either one of these two settings.

in today’s video will show you how to solve this problem using ‘Access Control’. in the next episode will show you using ‘MAC filtering’.

Today I am showing the setting i.e. Access Control through Triplink’s C64 router. if you have other brands like Netgear, Asus, Delink, and Tenda.

they also have Access Control, you want to work with that, No problem.

If you look for the option you will find them almost in the same place.

To do Access Control, click on the Advanced option of the C64 router then the security menu. From there click on “Acess Control”.

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2022

From here you have to turn on the “Access Control”. By default, the setting remains off. As soon as you enable it, you will see some more options at the bottom.

In Access mode, it shows two options; the first one is “Blacklist” and then the “Whitelist”. There are differences between these two options.

Basic : Stop Wifi Hacking

Blacklist means, the devices you will blacklist from this router will not get any internet connection from the WiFi of this router. Even they cannot log in into this Wifi by a password.

on the other hand, if you whitelisted them anyone except them cannot enter from outside to your router by giving the password.

now, if he tries to enter by scanning QR code or you provide him the password he can never connect his device unless he is in the whitelist.

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2022

all you have to do is leave the Blacklist and end the Access Control in Whitelist.

now why I am doing this procedure in the Whitelist excluding Blacklist, I will explain in the last part of the video. before that watch the procedure.

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Firstly you have to click on the “Whitelist”. If you do this configuration using Desktop PC, you will see it in White list automatically.

Then you have to click on “Add”. Clicking on “Add”will show you all the devices connected to your router.

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2022

The first device you can see is our Desktop PC. You cannot add this, here is a cross symbol. In spite of clicking nothing will happen.

You will not be able to add devices which are with the cable connection, to the Whitelist. They will remain in the Whitelist by default.

The devices you see here is all our if we want to add these, just click on each and select, then press “Add”.

like this all the devices of your house make whitelisted. Then just press “Save”. And the work is done.

Stop Wifi Hacking from QR Code Scanning 2022

I was saying “Why should I make this whitelist instead of blacklist?”

this reason is, if I make whitelisted the 5-6 devices of my house, all the devices in the rest of the world wil be automatically blacklisted .

So it is wise to do whitelisting instead of blacklisting.

And when you whitelisted these devices, all the devices except these are automatically blacklisted to this router.So none can enter here by giving password or anyhow.

This procedure have a limitation. Now I am telling you the limitation.

The limitation is.. if you make whitelisted since the rest are automatically blacklisted, if you give someone password and he wants to be connected even with your permission, he cant.

Then you have to turn off the access control from the router. | Stop Wifi Hacking | So before turning off the access control what you need to do to avoid the next hassale..

Remove the selection from the whitelist and have to select blacklist. After selecting blacklist, “Save” this setting and then off Access control. Otherwise you may face trouble.

| Stop Wifi Hacking | | Stop Wifi Hacking | | Stop Wifi Hacking | | Stop Wifi Hacking | | Stop Wifi Hacking |

Now if you include that outer device in the Whitelist permanently, you will find that the devices would be automatically connected with your roter whenever he comes to your home.

Hopefully a lot of things have gotten inside your brain or some things may have gone over your head.

Please inform me that which things have gone over your head by comment

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Will be back very soon with a new video. Till then everyone stay healthy, stay safe. Allah Hafez.

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