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About Of Google Search Console Manual Penalty | Why Get Manual Penalty in 2022 | Question & Solution 2022

About Of Google Search Console Manual Penalty | Why Get Manual Penalty in 2022 | Question & Solution 2022

Google Search Console Manual Penalty

Hello Everyone,

And I welcome you to part 6
of Google search Console series

Manual Action

In today’s part, we’ll learn that

due to which activities
a website gets a manual penalty

and how to remove these
manual penalties or manual actions

In the last video, i.e. Part 5

we talked about mobile usability
of enhancement section

Code web vitals and
other structural data elements

If you haven’t watched part 5 yet

then you can watch it by
clicking on the link

showing on the top-right corner
of this video

and you’ll get this link
the description of this video also

Manual action is a part of
Google search console

which nobody discusses that much

But this topic is very important

so that you can avoid doing
mistakes in your website

and can save your website
from manual penalty


Manual action lies in the “security & manual action section”
of the google search console

Manual action, as the name tells

Real Human Google Employees
apply these penalties on any website

only when they feels like that website
is not following some specific Google Guidelines

because manual actions,
Rather than the algorithm’s automatic action

Real Google Employees put on your website
after checking your website

It gives serious effects and
it’s not also easy to remove them

That’s why you should first know
that which activities

can lead to manual actions

Google puts manual penalties
on some specific types of activities

Let’s discuss them one by one

Number 1, User-generated spam

On websites like Forums, Blogs
and guest post

When visitors create spam content through
comment, post, and profile in large quantity

then those websites can get a penalty

having Fake name profiles,

or having commercial keywords only in the post’s content

or having the adult keyword

or having auto-generated text
invites these types of manual penalties

To avoid these types of penalties

first of all, you shouldn’t give
permission to create

these types of trash content
on your website

useless profiles, useless content
should be deleted

And you should structure
your website in a way

that user on the other side
can’t create these types of spam

and then you have to submit
review request

Number 2, Spammy-free Host

If you are using any free
or cheap shared hosting

which contains a lot of spam websites

then your website can also get
a manual penalty with them

In this case,

the best way is to transfer
your website to some other host

and then you should request for review

Number 3, Structured Data Issue

Obviously, This is my favorite Topic

We have already done a lot of videos
about structured data or schema data

structured data or schema data
is a powerful way

to give information to
search engines about your page

and find a spot in rich results

But Google doesn’t want it
to be misused also

therefore, there are some rules to follow
that is very important

Google provides a massive list
of structured data errors

But if I would explain the reasons
of those errors in simple language

Then you should keep
some important points in mind

Number 1, the schema data
used in your page

should not be different
then the content on your page

Number 2, the content should be visible for which,
the schema data is used in your page

It should not be protected with
any password or any payment gateway

It should be free to view

Number 3, you shouldn’t mark up nonproduct item
or service with product type schema data

Number 4, No company should be marked up
with product type schema data

Number 5, Structured data shouldn’t be used
for promotional purposes

or advertisement and commercial purposes

Number 6, providing such type of
reviewed structured data

where review is being provided
by service provider company itself

This also shouldn’t happen

Number 7, there should be a facility to add new review
in the page where review type schema data is being used

Number 8, Wherever job post type
schema data is given,

at that place…Nonsubmission of application of job post,
incomplete description of the job,

wrong employer, fee for job application, or outdated job post

all these could be
the reasons for a manual penalty

All these types of mistakes can get you
manual penalty for structured data

If you come across
any such manual penalty

then you should fix structured data
in your site

and then you should submit a review request

We have a lot of videos
on both of these topics

i.e.How to understand and use
Schema data or structured data properly

and you’ll get their links
in the description of this video

Fourth is, Backlink Issues

Backlinks are a very big reason
of the manual penalty

no matter if many unnatural, paid or exchange backlinks
are provided through your website

or your website is getting
these types of backlinks.

In both situations, you can get
manual penalty

If you get a manual penalty
because of backlinks,

then check if you are getting these
because of incoming backlinks

or because of outgoing backlinks

and then go for the corrections

If your website has got
a lot of unnatural backlinks

then try to remove them
by contacting their source

or the simple way, you can use
disavow tool to remove them

We just covered Disavow tool
in our previous video, i.e Part 5

If unnatural links are going
through your website

then make sure that the “no follow” tag
is being used on outgoing links

You can put “Sponsor tag relationship”
on every sponsored link

And a new relationship
has been introduced for UGC content also

you can use that to avoid harm
from comments and other user-generated content

Number 5, the Next reason is Thin Content

Google considers these types of pages,
a thin content

Number 1, Automatically Generated Content

The content that is generated
automatically through a script

Number 2, Affiliate Content

Means those websites in which,

Page’s content is pasted as it is
from the affiliate product providing a website

Number 3, Content scripted
from other websites

Automatic news websites

and Number 4 is, Doorway pages

These are those types of pages in which,

service providers paste the same content
indifferent pages for every city’s name

Only the city’s name differs

In our own company,

we always get 3-4 clever clients in a month,
who demands pages like this

these demands do not arise in starting

when it’s time to handover the website
then at that time, this last trick gets into use

and we also just do it easily,
we just have to give a warning

but after it, if you want
to make your loss, then it’s fine

Number 6, Cloaking or Misleading Redirects

Many times, to avoid manual penalty, websites use
two types of tricks after not following web master’s guidelines

Number 1, Cloaking

Showing one type of content
to search engines

And showing some other type of content
to normal human visitors on the same page

And Number 2, Redirect

Redirecting Google Bot to some other page
after tracking, rather than the main page

Now, Obviously, Google won’t accept
this behavior

And for such activities, google will
surely give a manual penalty to websites

To remove this type of manual penalty,
you should use the URL inspection tool

see the web page through
URL inspection tool

and then compare if this version that
you are showing the normal human visitor

is different than that or no

If there is any difference in
both the versions then remove it

and then request for review

This Cloaking has a different type also
i.e. Cloaking Images

In this, some images are shown to the user
and other images are shown to the google bot

So you should keep both the versions the same

Show the same images to the google bot
that you are showing to a normal human visitor

Number 7, Hidden text or keyword stuffing

This technique used to be used
10-15 years ago

But still, People teach this
by the name “Black hat SEO” and sells also

Basically, when a text is used in
background color

then the text is called hidden text

Because normal human visitors can’t see it

But search engine bots can see it

10-15 years ago, it was possible to manipulate
search engine ranking using these types of tricks

but not anymore, google discourages
these types of tricks

because it lowers the quality of websites
and it ruins the user’s experience also

that’s why these types of
manual penalties are given

Its solution, is very simple…

Just don’t put text and keywords
after hiding or stuffing on the page

Number 8, AMP Content mismatch

If there’s any different content in your
AMP page and its Canonical normal web page

then this type of penalty can be given

Basically in all scenarios,
Google want you

to show the same content
that is visible to viewers.

No matter if its a website,
AMP page or Structured data

If there is any mismatch
in any type of version,

then your website will get a penalty

Number 9 and the last type of penalty is,
Mobile Redirect

If you are redirecting mobile users
to a page

that search engine is not able to see

then this can upset google

and can get you a manual penalty

So, According to these nine types of activities,
Google can give a manual penalty to any website

Manual penalty
is not a permanent punishment

and if you can identify your mistake
and can fix it,

then this penalty can be removed
from your website

And your website will start to
rank normally also after some time

So I hope this Video was helpful
in increasing your knowledge about a google penalty

Thanks for watching this Sixth Part

of Google Search console series

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